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Reventon - MalWartt

Phier - Dec 22, 2011 - 02:58 PM
Post subject: MalWartt
Has anyone had any experience with these kits? Is he ligit? What is the quality like?
randythomas - Mar 14, 2012 - 04:16 PM
Post subject: RE: MalWartt
Looks like the kit is ready to marry with the chassis. Still lots of work to be done though, you need to have a good finish on the edges to make it look perfect.
solrac - Mar 18, 2012 - 09:39 AM
Post subject:
i recently came across it my self..
i emailed them to see what they say.. i have a lot of family in mexico so depending on the reply i will send one of my family members down there to check it out..
solrac - Mar 30, 2012 - 10:55 PM
Post subject:
this guys are fraud!!! their address in mexico doesnt exits. i send a family member and there is nothing there.. dont buy from them
Phier - Aug 13, 2012 - 02:09 PM
Post subject:
Hmm weird wonder where these videos are made then because that it alot of work including the ferrari 458 they have in the other video. 100% sure the address was correct? I think Katanas kit is still the best out there tho. Cool
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