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Transmissions - how to identify an audi trans

lambo1 - Oct 09, 2012 - 07:36 AM
Post subject: how to identify an audi trans
hi guys, i have found a 1998 Audi 80 v6 2.6l with a manual trans attached i think its a o1a or 01x or similar its 2wd it has a shifter rod entering from the back.Where can i find the model stamped on the box i also have a 016 and thats on the top of the bell housing but cant see anything on this v6 box at all ,the car has a cassis number of wauzzz8cza204830 maybe this code will give a glue what model the box is and what ratios it might have, its a biog job to pull from the car, would the bellhousing pattern of this new box be the same as my 016 that came off a 5cyl motor or is the v6 different.
many thanks for any help
lambo1 - Oct 13, 2012 - 10:54 PM
Post subject:
Hi Guys, i decided to pull it anyway for $60 nz i thought its two cheap to leave turns out it is a 012 i am told its not as strong as a 016 but these are not easy to find down here in nz so grabbed it anyway, i will drop the side cover soon and see what ratios i have , bit like opening a xmas box , you never really know what your gona get.
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