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Countach - Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.

lamborghinimantoo - Apr 25, 2015 - 01:42 AM
Post subject: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
The Lamborghini Countach.
Fred at Seinna knows me well. I worked at Exotic Car in Florida. I have been assembling and fabricating these cars for about 15 years now. I have yet to finish one for myself!!! I have 3 of them presently. I own a 1985 Jalpa also. I own a restoration shop and do many cars, I do not know everything about them but I have studied them well. I tried to find a place to identify myself and tell some of my story on this forum. I am not sure this will be of benefit to myself or anyone here but at least I am making myself known... again. I started out with one of the splashes that started this whole trend on the Countach car replication thing. Because when I found MY first confrontation with this car I liked to have passed out! 1983 in Tampa Florida at night in the Steak-n-Shake parking lot. I belonged to the Tampa Knights hot rod club and was there with my 1934 yellow 3-window coupe. A World of Wheels show winner. When this black car came in with a male driver and two foxes sitting in the passenger seat. "I want one!". I yelled! Everyone went over to look at the car. They were from Ft. Lauderdale. the car cost they said 125,000.00! What!, I exclaimed!
I told everyone, "THIS will be my next car"! Everybody laughed!!!! ,,,at ME!
guywithlambo - Apr 25, 2015 - 11:34 AM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
welcome, pictures , pictures, pictures please.
I think the 25th was the best looking Countach.
lamborghinimantoo - Apr 26, 2015 - 01:07 AM
Post subject:
I do not do the 25th. Nor the previous one just prior to the 25th. Those were Chrysler's. They are the best in operational drivability and ease of building. They are just to googa to me. Sorry! But that is how they strike me.
I do the LP400, the 5000S, and the QV only.
I do not know how to do anything on this Forum yet. Posting photos on here I haven't figured it out. I AM on several other forums as I am into MANY other cars. I post on most of those ok also. Embarassed
I am looking around where to post photos... no can see any place.
lamborghinimantoo - Apr 26, 2015 - 01:08 AM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
Ok I'll try this for a while. I am busy in the shop. Thank you for your humble response! guywithlambo.
I have build 5 of these and own 48 molds. I am NOT selling anything at this time. When I do it goes on Ebay. Use to go on Kit Car Mag. Really I have not been into my Countachs for about 16 years. Long story. No time here to explain. Fred at Sienna knows the WHOLE story. I was here when McBurn tried to win a Federal case for replicas that he built for the TV series. I have been to MOST of the original shops or in contact with them from the get go. I have been restoring and building Gas Drag cars and alter'ds since 1965. I drag raced for a little more than 15 years. + not -. I showed several of my builds as I was always proud of what I had built and I try hard to get things right when I do them. I do NOT like fiero chassis'd cars with kit car bodies strewn on them. Some look ok but I am not into those at all. Sorry if you own one of those. Please enjoy it and have fun!!! That is what most people do and like. They are simplicity at best and most people need that. I am not a bragger nor a prideful nut about the REAL thing either. I have real Lamborghinis and they are a pain and very costly! To do anything with. Do not rev the engines while cold or you will be broke very fast.
Fred from Sienna called and told me to LOOK at the new Countach prices for used cars a couple of months back. OUCH!!!! I work very HARD at making mine LOOK the exact part! It took a lot of effort, money, and buying a lot of original parts to do this. So I am not cheap. But I am not interested in making any more after I do my last 3 that I own now. I do the LP400, the 5000 S, and the QV. These are the ONLY ones that I was interested in. Period. I am not the best in the business and do not claim to be. I have used bodies from Sienna, Disnyworld employee who designed a body in 89 and had it in Auto Trader, and the original one that started to whole replica car craze (even Sienna from England)! It was made in Stuttgart, Germany in 1983 and was sold thru Kit Car. It WAS an EXACT duplicate from a splash that almost ruined a genuine Countach. Wrinkling it up like a prune when the resign kicked off. More I will not talk about on here. As it is NOT necessary to discuss. But I think now you know where I have been in my search to build the best replica that I can. Like the fellas who drive the replica glass bodied Cobras and the Duce roadsters is how I approached this task. It was NOT easy! Still isn't. I have used several drivetrain combinations. I am LEARNING a LOT from you newer guys today!!! Some of you all have come up with some really sweet combos. Especially you guys with the Diablos and newer models! I thought this would NEVER EVER be possible after McBurn lost his Supreme Court case!!!! No one would ever dare replicating any of the major cars from Lamborghini, Ferarie, and Porsche. The three who were represented by the NY law firm that went after all the guys selling replicas. I thought that Carroll would be next as he threatened unless you supported his Heart Fund effort. Bt he did not. And then to SHOCK me crazy everybody came out with a Deablo. And it WAS better than any of the other old Countach replicas or kit cars! I just quietly waited... surely they'll go after these guys!!! But NO! I couldn't believe it. All of the original guys that I knew had to shut down and only finish the ones that they had going before the suit. You guys did not have NEAR the problems that we all had to cross to get something going with our replicas. Lucky YOU!
An answer to the first statement I did.
1. NO I was not talking about one of the foxes!
2. I really wanted that car and everyone laughed at me for even thinking that. BUT! I having built many balsa wood airplanes when I was young knew that if I could get my hands on enough measurements and photos along with all of my Drafting courses I could make my own buck! the other ace in the hole was that I had been doing fiberglass repairs since high school. Not ONLY that but I taught that in the local high schools in Tampa. S I was NOT afraid of doing the replica of the Countach. That is the way I started for about one year and was almost ready to embark on that tack when I saw the Kit Car advertisement for the splash. I had about all of the drawings done and measurements on paper.
Why am I telling you this?
It is just the way it happened for me. I had gone to Indiana, Washington, Mississippi, Miami, and California looking at what was available to touch and photograph and to try to see if I could purchase one of their kits. I did NOT LIKE them! I looked those over with a fine tooth comb. I saw a LOT of discrepancies from the REAL car. I thought that I could do better! I had been building up old Corvettes, Model T's and A's and pounding out sheetmetal so surely I could do this! LOL Crazy I was!!!!!! I looked really stupid to many of my frends in the Corvette and Hot Rod clubs I belonged to. But if one IS DRIVEN to do what one HAS to do then no matter. Lets get-r done.
goliath - Apr 26, 2015 - 01:26 PM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
I have been into Countaches since the 80 also, i carved my first body for a countach then and over the years i have reproduced a lot of parts like the perfect body proper interior etc here is my picture site
Cheers Udo
RT - Apr 26, 2015 - 01:51 PM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
That is one NICE build!
Guys, you have to look at those pictures!

goliath - Apr 26, 2015 - 02:16 PM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
I am working on getting door glass reproduced i have molds of the real glass and also this year i will reproduce the actual countach frame we have one to copy, my parts can be used to fix real cars
Thanks Udo
guywithlambo - Apr 26, 2015 - 10:16 PM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
HEY UDO that black one, is it Spiros car?? many years ago I went to your shop with Carlo , very impressive work.
autopro - Apr 27, 2015 - 03:00 PM
Post subject: RE: Fasination with the Lamborghini Countach.
I also love the Countach, especially the LP400 and the 5000s. The LP400 has to be my all time favorite but sadly I have not seen anyone producing this body. Right now I am building an LP640 on a custom chassis and my next build of a Countach will also be on a custom chassis.

Udo has a great car, hopefully I can get one of his kits soon Very Happy


lamborghinimantoo - Apr 30, 2015 - 04:36 PM
Post subject:
Well now!
I am finally, MAYBE, glad to have joined another Forum... this ONE!
I hope we can ALL get to know each other on here. Likes, dislikes, and connect with THE people who are copiers of the REAL thing as a replica!! It would be about time for the FEW of us to come out of the closet! Of course we will draw a lot of guys thinking that they will be able to just buy what they need from us for their cars. I have LOTS and LOTS of time into my molds and DO NOT want anyone splashing them. Goliath... you interest me. I have not yet seen all of your car photos but so far you picked my interest. I see you figured out the Wiper assy. I used a Bus that worked fairly well. On two of my cars I have the genuine articles. When I have time I will probably connect with you for some chat time. I have all of my life tried to copy the REAL stuff for my OWN cars. This started out with Corvettes in the 60's. You could not buy fenders and doors. The ONLY way I could buy a Corvette back then WAS wrecked! I did the same for model T and A parts I needed. In copying a part it saves time and money to have a part like I needed in hand! It was usually borrowed back then and it wasn't easy to BARROW anyone's parts for their cars!!!! This takes less time then to just THINK you figured it out by guessing and looking at books. Only problem was you cannot sell any of it (then!). You can COPY a whole Rolex watch!!! You just cannot sell it. That use to be the law. I don't know if it is still the same for the OLDER Lamborghini stuff. I need the parascope rear view mirror assy or exact drawings of such for my LP400 replica. My molds may be for sale in the near future though. That will take time and trust. Drawings and real measurements too. I NEED glass for the side windows. I have a set of genuine but will not let them out for someone to supposedly copy!!!!!! I would have to go there and be WITH them while working on such. I am at but the site is NOT up-to-date and is NOT a true (representative of what I do) site yet. We are and have been working on our building for nearly 10 years. I have NOT even so much as LOOKED at any of my Lamborghini stuff in 15 years....not completely true but pretty accurate. I might even trade some or all of my molds for a replica car knock off of a newer styled kit like a Gulardo or Mersclago (sp?). MIGHT! I will be finishing my three replicas first. ?????? Or have all of the needed parts in hand. Like the side glass. I have only one set. I do have all three windshields. Please take note!!!! The true Lamborghini side widows are curved AND twisted!!!! They are NOT flat!!!!!
On another NOTE.... WHERE and HOW do you post photos on this site???? I have perused it over and see NO simple way of doing such. Some of my photos are on the HAMB and on Classmates for the schools I taught at. Also I do not have the time to be barraged by everyone's questions! The Countach was only a project to me. A CRAZY one! An Obsession. Those of you LIKE me suffering from the sickness will understand. I STILL don't have the Alpine Poster on my wall!!! Never had one but saw a LOT of them while I was working on my replicas.

Insane Joe! Rolling Eyes
flyhilandsoft - Apr 30, 2015 - 08:58 PM
Post subject:
Welcome to the site. Lots of good info here. You haven't been able to add pictures here for a very long time. As far as I know you have to upload to a site like shutterfly, flikr, etc to share pics. Just post the link after that. I suppose it is a server issue however I know nearly nothing about computers.
lamborghinimantoo - May 01, 2015 - 12:23 AM
Post subject:
Nice work John. Looks like you are working something like Bull in the Basement. Or REALLY as close to original as one can get. I too work in metals. BUT I did not pursue doing mine in the .040 aluminum skin. I chose fiberglass as many of the first copykats did also. So mine is not going to be that close. I had friends in the glass business doing the 32. 34. 35, and T bodies in Florida. Also my students were doing boats there too. there are many boat companies there too. This was why we were teaching it in the Vocational Colleges there. I am NOT trying to be that exact. I further taught welding too and could do this. I do not want too. But YOURS is NICE! is another one of my companies.I am really glad to get to know you though, John. When I come towards Arizona I will try to definitely look you up.

I am not a really good Forum person. Too old to learn new tricks I think. Any help from you guys will be appreciated. Again TIME is NOT on my side! It has taken me a lifetime to get my cars where they are today!!! Starting in 1982 until now I guess... that's Arrrrr about 32 or so years! UGHH!!! Darn I must be full of wind!!!! But yeah that IS how long this silly dream (or sickness) I have had has lasted. Anyone with another or better suggestions on posting photos have at it! Free is a very GOOD word. I am retired with too MANY cars!!! to do. Will I get them all done? I am planning on it! But life has a definite way with dreams doesn't it? So I will backtrack a lot here as I do not own any of the original style wheels for my replicas. And they are NOT in Aluminum. So some of you are probably a little MORE replica'd than I am. But mine are very close. There is NO wood in any of mine! I copied the original seats, adjustable risers and tilt mechanism from a burnt car we redid. I made some of the forms and I built 8 of those critters. 3 sets for my 3 cars. One set went to the burnt car. I built those from Chrome-molly tubing from the Dillsbergh Aeroworks. All hand bent using a torch and cooling very slowly. I have built 3 cars prior to my cars. They were for friends and they bought all of my materials. That was why I did those cars. I have finished NONE yet. So I want to be truthful here. I do have one original spare assy. for one of my cars.
John thanks for letting me see your photos... Nice again.
Joe in Mo.
lamborghinimantoo - May 02, 2015 - 03:34 AM
Post subject:
I have looked at some of your project photos and I am at a loss for words. I see you were doing a lot of this in 2012. I have not seen nearly all of your photos yet. Boy, you sure did document it well! I wish I had seen your stuff before I did my cars!!! What type of work do you do? I have talked and Emailed Ken Imhof several times but that has only been in the last 4 years while he was grabbing much ink on line with his cars, His was really not like yours or mine but a really beautiful job though. Thank you for writing me and letting me see your build! I am only using a Chevy Engine in mine. But on one of my builds the fella wanted a Northstar engine and tranny so I used that for him. That car went well but was an automatic. Similar to the oldsmobile set up but not near as large and tall. I am thinking of using a 1998 3.8 V6 also in one of my builds. I see how you got your aluminum formed by using a fiberglass repo body. Whose Body was it? How exact was it? That was my problem was finding one true size and shape.
Joe in Mo.
flyhilandsoft - May 04, 2015 - 06:33 PM
Post subject:
Thank you Joe for the kind words. Ken Imhoff was my inspiration to try and accomplish this build. If it were not for his help and inspiration I would not have tried this. Ken and I have become very good friends and we talk often. He is a great guy! I have seen his car and it is truly incredible. His craftsmanship is second to none!

I do get a little carried away with the photos I admit. Maybe even out of hand. As far as the fiberglass body goes I didn't use it to form the body. I only used it as a guide. I free handed all of the panels using it for measurements only. I did place the panels over the top of the fiberglass body to check for accuracy. The body is a Harris body that I purchased on eBay. It was very accurate and that's why I bought it. The story goes he only made a 7 replicas before being shutdown. I am supposedly the fourth owner of the body. It still sits in my garage collecting dust. I have made some progress on the car however I have slowed down the picture taking and forum uploads. Oh...I work for an airline.
lamborghinimantoo - Sep 19, 2015 - 06:07 AM
Post subject:
RT Ron that's a really good job on your Deloblo!!!
And that was great advice!!!
I like the Henry J's I had one in high school with a 354 Hemi in it. 1954 hemi!!! and it was the old automatic. UGH!!! Called money! This was 1963. the car was a 51. No bumpers. No grill! a 3" pipe for the rear push bumper. straight axle from an old 36 Ford.
lamborghinimantoo - Sep 19, 2015 - 06:29 AM
Post subject: Reply to John
It may be a DRY heat but it is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Visited Lake Havasau in June one year!!! I could see the heat coming off of the asphalt!!!!!! The lake and the London Bridge were fantastic! Still HOT!
You GOT the job I wanted all of my life!!!!!!! Seriously! Ever since the 5th grade I wanted to fly for American Air or then TWA. College, service, Viet Nam!! Still didn't ever happen!!! Such is life I guess.
Ken and I have talked a lot too. I had a TIG torch problem and he thought I was crazy I am sure. I was building my house so I could never fool with it much. Finally one day a salesman who was worth his salt tried it and disassembled my torch to find that the wire wrap from the factory had cut thru the outer layer of the hose where it hooks to the head. It was sucking air thru the tip making it contaminated. It would weld a little but not much. After it was fixed it welds great!!! And I taught welding?????? Yep! But I never experienced anything like that and my machine was new w/o any hours on it.
I too like Ken!!! We have a lot in common!!! I drag raced for over 15 years, I show cars in the World of Wheels and have several first places (ain't easy to do!!!). Also have a jet boat similar to his and I build my own homes. And we both worked in industry in fabrication.
Working in fabrication in metals and becoming an engineer was my Mother's FAULT!!! She always told me when I was young (she died from breast cancer when I was 20) that I was a BIG fabricator! Laughing Rolling Eyes
flyhilandsoft - Sep 20, 2015 - 02:05 AM
Post subject: RE: Reply to John

Arizona is sure hot in the summer but the the other 7 months of the year are awesome. We are on the cusp of it now. Can't wait! Ya......It's a great job I have to admit. It has some drawbacks but the good outweigh the bad. No complaints here Smile)
sienna_countach - Jan 25, 2016 - 02:15 PM
Post subject:
Guess I'm a little late in replying to this. Don't get on here too often. With regards to Joe (Lamborghinimantoo), he is what he say's he is! From the time I have known him, as we both shared information a great deal of information over the past several decades, or should I say the information he has shared with me from his vast knowledge of the Countach, I regard him as someone very capable in this industry.
Thanks Joe for all your support over the years!

Sienna Countach USA
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