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Chassis - Specific distance on Corvette C5 wheel hub

BOBIDESIGN - Jan 22, 2016 - 06:00 AM
Post subject: Specific distance on Corvette C5 wheel hub
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone have an access to Corvette C5 wheel hub (a.k.a. upright) and could take a measurement to help me verify a specific distance around the brake calipers mounting that I need. I only found the distance of that particular area on the NAERC's rear wheel hub, but it won't hurt to hear your opinion since it's preferable to know how is that on the genuine C5 wheel hub instead. As far as I know, front and rear brake caliper mountings on the C5 must be the same. To better show you what distance is of my interest, I attach an image below. Thanks!
daywilm - Jan 22, 2016 - 06:56 PM
Post subject:
I'm not sure I can give you exactly what you need but I'll provide what I can.

I'm using C5 front calipers on all 4 corners of my build. I'm building on a replica frame. I know that the C5 Corvette uses 13" rotors on the front and 12" rotors on the back. I also believe the back calipers are slightly different from the front since they are sold under separate part numbers. My bearing carriers (hubs) and brakes are already mounted to the uprights on the car so I can't give you as accurate of a measurement as I could if they were off the car, but using my digital calipers and eyeballing it as close as I can it appears the distance from the face of the spindle (where the bearing hub bolts on) to the outer face of the caliper mounting boss is approximately 18 mm. This is on my front wheels. How that matches up to what the rear measurement on a real Corvette is, I don't know.

Hope this helps some.

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