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Countach - GB Racing Sports UK's GB500S Koenig

Montechracing - Oct 08, 2017 - 06:54 PM
Post subject: GB Racing Sports UK's GB500S Koenig
I was part of a huge package deal from an estate sale which included an actual 97 Diablo, 80 Slant nose, 2 XJ12's, and 2 1/2 kits.....ok, 2 kits because they were all partials of sorts. Of the kits, I have a GB500S Koenig (don't get excited yet lol, the body without doors/glass is hanging from a ceiling atm) from GB Racing Sports UK distributed by Artisan Reproduction Cars Canada. I have the original paperwork, letters and price sheets from Artisan.

The rolling space chassis was on the ground, partially mounted under a 97 Diablo kit shell minus glass, belongs to the Countach. Where the original Chevy V8 was is a Jag V12 sitting in it's place. The Countach shell isn't pretty but it's cool to look at. I have two Porsche 915 transaxles, adapter plate, flywheel, 2 pressure plates, a clutch, and 911 shifter and rods that came with it all apart.

What I need to know, is there anyone out there that has one, or similar space chassis version using the 915 transaxle? My brother says it needs to be upside down, but the adapter plate is for upside right lol. At it's normal position, it mounts right to the V12. The build sheet shows a 915, problem is I have two and have no idea if either is the original for the kit, or how to determine which one is.

Now the other part. In order to use the Countach shell, I would need doors and all glass. Not sure where the doors went, but we searched the whole property. I'll be picking up the shell in a week or two. My 3rd kit is a 917 shell with all glass and doors in need of a chassis. As of right now, I'm trimming the 917 to fit the chassis. Are the doors and glass hard to come by for the Countach? Whole point of my project is to build with what I have and fabricate what I need.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the help.
76mx - Oct 11, 2017 - 05:14 AM
Post subject: RE: GB Racing Sports UK
Montec, none of this is encouraging, but I can answer some of your questions. I have sold OEM dimensioned windshields for Countach replicas for many years but the demand is shrinking. I have to order them 10 at a time and am currently out and did not forsee the demand to order another 10. However, there have been some inquiries lately and if I could get an order for one, I would order a crate. Price is $1,000, FOB Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I also have the inner and outer door panels, but doors did not seem to be consistent on the real car and that has continued over to the molds made from them. I have identified 64 different doors that are all Countach doors, including my molds. I have the doors but you have at best a one in 64 chance that they will fit without modification. The only encouraging news I can give you is that I have an aluminum Composite monocoque chassis that will fit that 915 transaxle just fine, $7,000 and again FOB Fort Worth, Texas USA.
lukenlow - Dec 04, 2017 - 02:21 PM
Post subject: RE: GB Racing Sports UK
Thanks for this interesting question, I was also interested in this for a long time, and thanks to you I found the answer
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