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6 Post subject: A chance in a Million for an original Lamborghini  PostPosted: Jan 13, 2016 - 01:46 AM
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I have a 1984 Jalpa that I have had for over 20 years now I guess. It is up on jack stands in one of my shops. It is a beautiful red with black accents. Both Mirrors. Less than 6000 actual miles on the odometer. Ansi Exhausts, and all original gold painted wheels and Perrelli tires, It was wrecked in 1989 or 90. It hit a palmtree right inbetween it's headlights! I have replaced the front clip 18 years ago. It is in primer from the front doors forewards. It needs to be reassembled inside the front bonnet.
New bumper and grill is all there.
It NEEDS a windshield, carpet, and some paint on its front fenders.
This car is NOT for sale.
I am wanting a 1954, 5, 6, or 7 Corvette with the hardtop!!!!
All chrome must be on this car and complete. I do NOT need the drivetrain!!!! NONE of it, It may be all apart. It can be sans paint. No RUST bucket nor cut up bodies missing a lot of parts.
Some of you are like me out there and do dabble in Corvettes. Me too. I want to build my LAST Corvette. I use to drag race in the sportsman and gas classes all thru the 60's. I have had 25 Corvettes. I still have 2 now but they are not C1's. I am not looking for a restoration!!!! I do not want your #'s matching engine nor tranny. I am building an ex drag car. It will NOT be on the strip in my lifetime. Frame cannot be a rust bucket nor cut to pieces or HACKED up. I build very nice cars. I built all of my racecars back then too.
NO, I am NOT a braggert. Just an old man with a chance for someone who has or knows of the car I am looking for. I am not interested in buying any Corvettes!!!! You Have to OWN the car I am searching for. An exdrag car is a possible candidate.
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