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Post subject: extrema_neutra ebay seller using my reference material  PostPosted: Mar 13, 2010 - 02:53 PM
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It was reported to me by a buyer of this sellers Murcielago plans that he is using my NAREC materials as part of his package. He has been reported to ebay

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Post subject: That ain't all they'll steal from you Brother!  PostPosted: Mar 19, 2010 - 12:47 PM

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Dale, This guy is selling your EXACT build manual on Ebay. I purchased it and noticed something looked awful odd...IT WAS THE EXACT MANUAL. He tried to tell Ebay it came with his IGF kit and he had rights to publish the material at a profit????? Here's the info if you want to followup Dale. I hate copy cats, especially when you worked your butt of putting this neat tool together to help other guys like me out. Glynn

His email address is....."Brian Surratt"

Ebay link.....

Details you've provided:
Problem: The item is not as described
You have tried contacting the seller
You paid on Mar 14, 2010
You contacted the seller through your personal email
The item is fake
The seller has not responded to you
The seller isn't working with you to solve the problem
You entered the phone number of "6625381339"
We can share your phone number with the seller.

Additional information:
"This is an exact copy of the email I sent the seller earlier this afternoon on 03./17/10... Brian, Where did you obtain this information? This is the same information ...and I mean EXACTLY the same as on the web site below...... This material is the same as what Dale Van Blockland published several years ago in publishing a manual to the public showing how he did his build. He also stated on the cover page.... This material is copyright by Permission is granted to Imaginary Fiberglass, Inc. also known as IFG, Inc. for their use. Reproduction or use of this material without the express written consent of is prohibited.

This material was a copy of his material and not a copy of anything IFG published as far as I know of. I have their build instructions with my original IFG kit I purchased. This manual isn't anything even close to what they produced. I would like to receive a refund for my order as this isn't what you advertised in the ebay add as an IFG instruction or build manual. Dale Van Blockland published this and no one else. I'm not saying you know this is the facts on what you are selling, but now you have been accurately informed of the origination of this material.
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